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Gift Aid

We encourage Parishioners to sign the Gift Aid declarations. This is an additional way of financially aiding our Parish at no extra cost to yourselves.

Everybody who is a United Kingdom taxpayer can sign a Gift Aid form. Thanks to this the Parish can receive an extra 25 pence from HM Treasury for every £1 donated by you using the Gift Aid method.

This is a very simple idea. Instead of giving loose cash on the collection tray you can donate in one of three ways:

By putting your donation in the special envelopes provided or in one of the one off yellow envelopes available in the church. On the latter one off yellow envelopes you must fill in your name, address, date and sign the envelope.

By enclosing a cheque made out to: PCM HAMMERSMITH

Arranging with your bank to have a Standing Order by which method your chosen donation will be directly transferred from your bank to the Parish Account on a given specific day of the month, chosen by you.

gift aid

Details of the Parish Bank Account:

Lloyds Bank

Account Number: 00619171

Bank sort code: 30-94-57