Church Live

We are expanding our multimedia services.

For over a year now - you have been able to livestream masses, celebrations and other events occuring in our parish.

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  • Baptism


    We welcome new and inquisitive parishioners to our ever growing parish.

  • Their First Communion

    Their First Communion

    Children taking their first big step in faith.

  • Sometimes


    We are very focused in our prayers, ocasionaly we may be too focused...

  • A Blast From The Past

    A Blast From The Past

    Commemorating our proud servicemen and all they have done for us.

  • It's Not Just Dress Up

    It's Not Just Dress Up

    Remembering old Polish tradition plays a large role within our community.

  • Celebration


    Come and celebrate all the events in the Christian callender with us!

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